Advanced Lip Filler Treatments

The lips are one of the first things the eye is drawn to and for that reason a fuller lip with body and good shape is desired by women all over the world.

Enhancing the lips with dermal filler can give you definition, shape and the size you have always wanted.

Which part of the lip can be enhanced?

The Vermillian border or lip outline is the first area to be treated to create definition, width and improve lipstick bleeding lines.

The Body of the lips can then be treated if your desired look is fullness with volume to the upper and lower lips giving you the perfect pout.

If the Cupids Bow is lacking definition this area can be treated along with the Philtrum Ridges that run from the Cupids Bow towards the nose.

The Periaral Lines or fine vertical lines (known as smoker's lines) can also be reduced.


Advanced Dermal Filler Treatment

Tear Trough Fillers

Tiny amounts of light filler are placed in the semi-circular depression under the eyes to even out the hollow and lessen the shadowing in this area. This gives a fresh and rejuvenated appearance and these beneficial results can last for 6-12 months  

Naso Labial Fillers

The deep lines between nose and mouth can be a tell tale sign of ageing. These lines can be filled with a firm hyaluronic acid dermal filler to soften their appearance and create a fresher more youthful look. The results from this benefits can be enjoyed for up to 12 months   

Marionette Fillers

As we age and the skin loosens, often we notice lines and indentations forming from the edge of the mouth down towards the chin (these are known as puppet lines). By using a dense hyaluronic acid dermal filler, these lines can be filled to give a softer appearance. The filler will be present for up to a year before the body breaks it down.  


Advanced Facial Sculpting

Jawline Sculpting

A defined and classically sculpted jawline will create a streamline look of elegance. Creating definition to an existing jawline will give the face a slimmer appearance and where no jawline is obvious, one can be expertly sculpted using dense fillers that give structure. 

Cheekbone Sculpting

A high cheek bone structure has been the desired look of women through the ages. This is easily achieved with the use of deep dermal fillers which create structure and form the desired look. It can be subtle or more defined depending on the qualities of the filler used. Effects can be seen for 12-18 months 

Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping

The shape of the nose can easily be altered to give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Bumps can be smoothed out by injecting dense hyaluronic acic dermal fillers skillfully to rebuild the shape. Depressed areas can be filled and the angle of the tip can be lifted. This non surgical nose job is practically pain free with little downtime and can last 12-18 months and is a fabulous alternative to surgery 

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation can simply give the face a defined look and creates the illusion of a slimmer and streamline appearance. The hyaluronic acid gives structure to the chin to enable augmentation tailored to your facial requirements. The chin can be thickened to shorten or lengthened as desired. 

Heart Shape Sculpture Package

Combining the cheekbone, jawline and chin sculpting treatments gives you the perfect package to create the most desirable face shape - The heart shape. This will give the perfect proportions of a classically beautiful look that will be admired by all.